viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

Webquest: Phenomena

The Truth Is Out There!

The world is a strange and mysterious place. People have been fascinated since the beginning of time by the inexplicable - ghosts, aliens, crop circles, psychics, and so on. Now that you have become familiar with science fiction vocabulary, what aspect of “the unexplained” interests you the most? What do you believe could really be "out there"?
Create a Power Point presentation offering basic background information about an unexplained phenomenon of your choice, in order to give a speech in class.

YOUR TASK! (What to do)
REQUIREMENTS (What the presentation must have)
• Include the equivalent of five full paragraphs of writing. Think of an interesting introduction to catch the reader’s attention.
• Make it attractive and easy to view, including graphics/images appropriate to your topic and some text and sound effects.
• Check the spelling and edit your text for punctuation and grammar. Remember! You count on your teacher for help.

PROCESS! (How to do it)

1. Select a topic to research. Possible topics might include:

• Ghosts
• Psychics
• Crop circles - UFOs
• The Bermuda Triangle
• The Loch Ness Monster

2. Use the resources listed below to help you start researching.
* More Unexplained Phenomenon
(Another large web site about many 'supernatural' occurrences)

(A paranormal and UFO search engine)

* PARASeek
(Another paranormal search engine)

3. Browse through the different sites looking for the information you need. Select the parts you are interested in, copy them, open a Word document with the title of your investigation and paste the selected texts.

4. Once you have all the information you need, start editing it to transform those texts into an interesting and informative 5-paragraph essay.

5. Once your teacher has checked your essay, start creating the Power point presentation. You can copy the paragraphs from the Word document.

G O O D L U C K !

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